• Real Estate Assessment

Property assessment according to comparative, asset value or income method

Comparison Approach

Under this procedure, the market value of your property is derived from actual real estate prices from other properties that are sufficiently consistent with your property in terms of location, use, soil, cut and condition. We use the land values ​​of the respective expert committees. These are derived for larger cities in the form of land value maps for specific locations, with the type and size of the construction use and the average size of the property as a rule being indicated.

Asset Value Approach

Traditionally, this procedure is applied to detached and semi-detached houses that are in private use. It is determined what costs would arise in a new building (replacement) of the property to be valued. The tangible asset method usually refers to the construction assets, the value of land is determined in the comparison value method.

Income Approach

It is used in particular for the valuation of a company or a leased property that has been leased on a wholesale basis, ie where the permanently achievable yield for the value assessment on the market is in the foreground. This applies, for example, to rental residential properties with apartment buildings or commercial properties with office and commercial buildings.

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